Had good fortune to have an ongoing relationship with Classical Revolution RVA and some NSP footage was used in this Fundraising video. Please pass on some support in this indiegogo campaign! 

My friends Josh and Jex as Subatomica recorded all the sounds for this soundscape piece at Burning Man 2013. Honored to have them use one of my favorite images for the cover art. 


so i uhm graduated. and while i am more than hapy to move on, this video made by Todd Raviotta, really captures the true feelings of the day. thank you maggie walker for all you have given me.

rivers and roads. 

The Whiskey Wormhole



It’s been almost over 6 years… As some of you may know who have been following my film-making career, during the 2003ish - 2008ish years in Richmond Virginia, I was part of a ground breaking monthly film festival called PROJECT RESOLUTION. I was a producer, a promoter and as well served as the Master of ceremonies for several years. I had a blast. PROJECT RESOLUTION became THE place to premiere your short films in the Mid Atlantic and I’m damn proud of the massive impact in the film-making community that we were able to create in just a short amount of time. We became a landmark.

But like all great things, it had to come to an end… But like Godzilla, if the world needs help, it’ll awaken from its dormant state and rise again and fight the big fight.

And that’s what happened. PROJECT RESOLUTION is back.
The monthly film festival is back and ready for your films and ready for your voice.

But even thought I’m not part of the production of this era of PROJECT RESOLUTION. I’m not turning my back on it. Maybe I might even release a new film there.

PROJECT RESOLUTION returned and had its first show is years on May 4th at Gallery 5, and at that show Todd Raviotta, who was one of the original co producers with Me and Kevin Gallagher premiered a new film/photo montage called PROJECT RESOLUTION MIDDLE YEARS. That film contained exclusive images that were taken during the 2004 - 2008 era of PROJECT RESOLUTION from the eye and style of Todd Raviotta.

You must watch this film and go into a worm hole reliving our PROJECT RESOLUTION journey. You’ll see many similar faces flash by, some look younger and some look the same. But its us! I love that Todd made this film, and I’m also thankful he did, and I think its perfect he show’d it at PROJECT RESOLUTIONS rebirth.

Be part of the new revolution, take part in PROJECT RESOLUTION!

The Broadberry Grand Opening

G5/RVA 9 year Party 2014